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Looking for an elegant corporate gift for your clients or partners?
Customize your Twinings Tea Hampers now and leave a great impression with a gift of our finest tea.


Explore our exquisite teas selection

Find a tea to suit your personality and taste. From the classic Earl Grey to chirpy fruit and herbal infusions, calming green and white teas, there is a tea for every occasion. Perfection in every cup.


Celebrate 300 years of Twinings Heritage

The story of Twinings can be traced back to the year of 1706, where Thomas Twining opened his first tea shop in London, The Strand. Twinings later became the British monarchy’s select tea supplier.


The Twinings Family

It all started from a humble tea shop.

Twinings today is a globally established tea house selling the finest blends. But it all started in a tiny tea shop in London. In 1706, Thomas Twining fell in love with tea when coffee drinking was the norm. He started to sell loose tea, and soon, many others discovered the magic of a charming cup of tea. His later successors, Daniel Twining brought the Twinings brand overseas, while Richard Twining fought to bring exorbitant tea tax down, allowing every common man to enjoy tea.

Centuries later, drinking tea has become an everyday part of life. Twinings has become a familiar and adored companion for slow afternoons and bustling moments when you need a boost. From savvy city dwellers, book-lovers, adventure seekers and dreamers, Twinings lovers live to enjoy the finer things in life. When you choose Twinings, it’s like meeting an old friend. Be surprised, cheered on and revel in the comfortable fine taste of Twinings blends.

Your Finest Twinings Moment

A tea romance that lasts a lifetime.

We humans revel in making meaning and finding patterns in life. Perhaps this is why we engage in daily rituals that give us an inexplicable sense of comfort. Rituals help us to centre ourselves in a busy world that is ever changing and sometimes overwhelming.

If you are a tea lover, you may have a favourite tea blend that helps to start your day in the morning, or a tea that helps you calm down when you’re feeling a little upset. Or maybe you have a special tea you only drink on lazy saturdays, or when you’re at lively friend gatherings. Whether it’s your daily go-to tea, or an elegant blend you drink only on special occasions, Twinings offer you a charming, extensive range for you to choose from. Exploring our tea collection is a wonderful experience. You may marvel at our new creative blends, chuckle at energetic, fruity infusions and admire the classic favourites from yesteryear. We wish you the best in embarking on a journey to find your favourite companion tea.


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